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It’s Rosehip Harvesting Season: Fresh Picked Rosehips Are Your Skin’s Healthy Aging Secret

Help Supercharge Your Skin’s Natural Collagen Production & Elasticity With Fresh Rosehips, Picked By Hand Every September By The Island Mist Team

Rosehip Skincare Product Benefits:

Prevent Wrinkles And Fine Lines
Boost Your Natural Glow With Vitamin C
Help Your Skin Generate More Collagen
Improves Elasticity For A Youthful Look

Fresh picked rosehips help supercharge your skin’s natural collagen production, prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Island Mist understands the natural benefits of this plant which is why our master herbalist and owner, Johanna, handpicks rosehips from the Rose Ruga plant every September.

The rosa rugosa, commonly known as the Beach Rose, starts the season with beautiful, fragrant flowers. They’re the first to flower, letting us know that summer is on its way!

The rosehip comes from the rosa rugosa — the plant that is the last to leave us at the end of the season. Once you see the brilliant red berries (known as the hip) you know that the summer has ended and the fall will soon be arriving.

As the plan signifies the opening and the closing of the season, it continues to give and nourish our body and our spirit with it’s ending red berries, Rosehips.

Discover Younger, Tighter, Brighter Skin With Our Healthy Aging Secret: Fresh Picked Rosehips.

Choose From Our Rosehip Line To Get The Youthful, Radiant Skin You’ve Been Looking For.

Natural Lavender Skincare Product Benefits For Sun Damaged Skin

Help Renew Your Skin’s Glow, Repair Sun Damaged Skin & Prevent Signs Of Aging

Benefits Of Our All-Natural Lavender Skincare Products:

Repairs Sun Damage
Soothes Sunburn Pain
Heals & Hydrates Skin Quickly
Prevents Signs of Aging

Lavender is known for its power to soothe nerves and relax us into a calming, deep sleep. Lavender also naturally repairs your skin and gives you a healthy, glowing look. That is what makes Island Mist’s natural lavender-based skincare products the perfect plant-based sunburn solution for your skin.

With so many options, you can choose one product to fit your needs or get multiple natural lavender products to create a new clean skincare routine. Find everything you need at Island Mist to care for your skin after the sun, for less.

The Lavender Face Serum, Lavender Body & Hair Oil, and Lavender Toning Mist are infused with lavender, calendula, chamomile and lemon balm. All of these plants have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties to relieve the pain and soothe the skin. All of these natural active ingredients also repair and regenerate skin damage due to the UV rays from the sun.

Soak in a bath with soothing and softening Milk Bath or shower after too much exposure to the sun. Before drying off spritz your face and body with the Toning Mist and apply the Face Serum and Body Oil on wet skin to really soak in and relieve. Safe for your hair too!


Natural, Family-Safe Bug Spray, Poison Ivy Relief & Healing Salve From Island Mist

Finally, natural, plant-based remedies that actually work, and fast, on bug bites, rashes, and itches this summer.

When you are outdoors this summer playing with your kids, family barbecues, swimming, and other recreational activities, insect repellents are tremendously helpful. Also, playing and being outdoors more can give way to injuries, scratches, and even rashes from plants such as poison Ivy. For Island Mist Natural Bath & Body, we believe the more natural and harmless to us and the earth, the better. This is why our master herbalist has formulated sustainable, fast acting, effective, and safe summer remedies for you, your family, and even your pets.


Island Mist’s Natural Bug Spray

Bug spray that smells nice AND keeps the bugs away, that’s The Natural Bug Spray From Island Mist. The Natural Bug Spray has a base of tansy, rosemary and thyme, all grown in the island mist herb garden and specifically picked for every plant that bugs hate and won’t land on, including all the essential oils. Not only does the Island mist Natural Big Spray work and smell great, but it’s DEET-Free and safe for your fur-babies. Finally, a bug spray that works for you and your family this summer, child-safe and dog-friendly!



Island Mist’s Poison Ivy Relief Spray

Jewelweed is Mother Nature’s remedy to poison ivy. For poison ivy relief the jewelweed, plantain and blackberry leaf all grow wild and abundantly on block island and are gathered from here by Island MIst’s Master Herbalist. This botanical mixture helps to quickly relieve itch and dry up rash. It’s also good for bug bites or any itchy rash from running outside this summer. Discover the healing properties and quickly itch-relief of the natural Poison ivy relief spray from Island mist Natural Bath & Body Products.



Island Mist’s Healing Salve

The Island Mist Healing Salve is made with ingredients that are all gathered and grown on Block Island RI. This is a go-to and must-have product for any skin irritation including cuts, rashes, scars, burns and any other irritation that comes with “summer fun”. Clients have been known to feel and see their skin healing overnight when using this plant-based Island Mist Healing Salve.