With cold weather setting in and the heat on inside, January & February are well-known as cold & flu season.

I make soups and stews on my day off and always have something warm and healthy in the fridge. I also count on Island Mist’s Chest Rub and Sinus Steam as my go-to products for quick relief from clogged sinuses, sore throat, cough and congestion.

The Sinus Steam is wonderful to have simmering on the stove or on a wood stove. It makes your house smell great, clears your breathing passages and helps to remove germs from the air. Inhaling the specially formulated herbal Sinus Steam immediately clears your breathing passages and relaxes your chest, lungs, and whole body. It’s a chemical-free effective tool for cod and flu symptoms.

In the cold weather I tend to tighten up and get achy as well. Nothing soothes an achy, cold body like Island Mist’s best selling Warming Oil. The blend of herbs and essential oils are designed to ease muscle pain and sore muscles. It can be applied where needed or added to a hot bath. This Warming Oil is relaxing, soothing, and a great addition to your night time routine before bed if you aren’t feeling 100%.

Finally, the Healing Chest Rub has always been a fantastic alternative to Vicks Vapor Rub and similar rubs. Rub the Healing Chest Rub on your chest, nostrils, and throat and feel an instant relief and clearing of your nasal and chest passages.
This chest rub is a wonderful plant-based alternative for colds, coughs, and persistent respiratory congestion, offering an instant and effective remedy without the harsh chemicals and ingredients.

Get better fast with natural remedies and instant relief from Island Mist this winter season.

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